About Us


Part of the DP Group of Companies, AROPLUS (UK) LTD is expert in the world of air and fluid handling, Focusing primarily on the Ingersoll Rand product portfolio, but also marketing other world leading quality products.

The DP Group is a specialist supplier, installer and repairer of Compressed Air generation equipment and a variety of products utilising compressed air.

These include Air Operated Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps and Piston Pumps. Ingersoll Rand, Boge and Aerius Compressors. We also offer Quick connect pipework and fittings and a fully fitted service centre and test rig.

Many of our tools and accessories and a large selection of fixtures and fittings are available on our on-line web shop. See here or the bottom of any page

Aroplus have recently been approved as a Safe Contractor thus ensuring your work is being handled by conscientious staff committed to a safe working environment.